Doodloo is an uncatchable legendary Pokemon used by Turner, the final boss of Pokemon Vega. The one used by Turner is a clone and apparently not the real one, and the real one is never shown.

Doodloo is made intentionally broken to make players ragequit the game, and it and the rest of Turner's Pokemon are fought at level 100. It has a nearly perfect stat distribution of attack and speed, and in tandem with Huge Power it is insanely overpowered. For a comparison with other Pokemon with Huge Power/Pure Power, Medicham has the highest attack stat of any non Mega Pokemon with Huge Power at 60. Even taking Mega Pokemon into account, Mega Mawile has 105 base attack compared to Doodloo's base 184.

HP: 85

ATK: 184

DEF: 73

SP.ATK: 57

SP.DEF: 96

SPEED: 157

Base Stat Total: 646

The moves Turner's Doodloo has are Rampage, High Jump Kick, Extreme Speed, and Will'O'Wisp. Rampage is a clone of Outrage but is Dark typed.