Mandiblade (Japanese: ブレイドン Blaydon) is a dual-type Steel/Rock-type Pokémon, and is one of the original Fakemon created for Pokémon Vega, Procyon, and Deneb.

It evolves from Ambilade depending on its personality value starting at Level 38.

Overview Edit

Mandiblade is a brown theropod-like Pokémon with a heavy gigantic blade obscuring its face with its tail being shaped similarly to Ambilade's head. A Mandiblade will always try to cut any solid object that it comes across, leaving only heavily sliced up debris in its wake if the blade is especially sharp.

It is slow, but hits very hard in the physical department. With low defensive stats overall and a mediocre defensive type combination, it may not be able to land a single hit before fainting without some help from speed affecting moves and items.

Moves Edit

Level Up Edit

Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
Level Movename Type Category Power Accuracy PP

TM/HM Edit

TM Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
TM No. Movename Type Catgory Power Accuracy PP

Move tutor Edit

Tutor Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
Tutor Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP

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