Snalo is a dual-type Grass/Water Fakemon in Pokemon Vega.

It evolves into Serplant starting at level 40.

Overview Edit

Snalo and Serplant will never learn giga drain via level up. Overall, good defensive stats and good access to support moves and offensive water type moves.

Moves Edit

Level Up Edit

Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
5 Tackle Normal Physical 50 100 35
5 Withdraw Water Status --- --- 40
5 Absorb Grass Special 20 100 25
9 Water Gun Water Special 40 100 25
14 Leech Seed Grass Status --- 90 10
19 Razor Leaf Grass Physical 55 95 25
25 Sweet Scent Normal Status --- 100 20
31 Water Pulse Water Special 60 100 20
35 Synthesis Grass Status --- --- 5
39 Mega Drain Grass Special 40 100 15

TM/HM Edit

TM Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
HM03 Surf Water Special 95 100 15

Move Tutor Edit

Tutor Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
Tutor Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP

Sprites Edit

Normal Shiny
Shiny snalo
Snalo back
Shiny snalo back

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